Introduction to Kaohsiung Zuoying Confucius Temple

  The first Kaohsiung Confucius Temple was “Fongshan Old County Confucius Temple”, built in 1683 situated outside the North Gate of Fongshan Old City (referred to as Zuoying District nowadays). In 1900 the Temple was restored and became the Old City Public School by the Japanese government, which, in turn, became the Jiuo-Cheng Primary School as it is today. In the end, only the Chongsheng Shrine and several monuments remained, it was designated as City-Designated Historic Site in 1985.

  In 1973, Mayor Yu-Yun Wang chose the piece of land situated northeast of the original Confucius Temple, which is by the north shore of Zuoying Lotus Lake and adjacent to Ban-Ping Mountain, for the construction of the new Kaohsiung Confucius Temple. The piece of land occupies an area of more than 6,000 square meters, and the temple itself accounts for more than 1,800 square meters. Construction started in June 1974 and was completed in August 1976 with comprehensive facilities. And because of its adjacency to Lotus Lake, the temple emphasizes its structures built over the lake for people to admire upon.

  Amongst all the structures, Ta Cheng Palace is the main palace of the Confucius Temple. It is a building that mimics the emperor palace (i.e. Hall of Supreme Harmony in the Beijing Imperial Palaces). With respect to building structures, Li Mingzong’s Architectural Methods form the Song Dynasty was used for the designs of a Song-style architectural representation. Colors of the architecture are focused on black and red mixed with white. A color combination of the three representative colors of the Xia, Shang and Zhou Dynasties are formed, implying the spirit of generational passage of Chinese culture and heritage.

Getting to know Confucius Memorial Ceremony (Also the Teachers' Day)

  The Confucius Memorial Ceremony is a rite of paying respect to the Master. Taiwan’s Confucius Ceremony music makes use of the Ming Dynasty’s Ta Cheng Chapter and is performed by musicians in the “ancient music of eight tones”. The ceremony is divided into: taking positions, welcoming the spirit, initial consecration, secondary consecration, final consecration, escorting the spirit and so on. The Confucius Memorial Ceremony Yi Dance (or literally Row Dance as in English), it is also separated into literal dance and martial dance.

  In order to commemorate Confucius and to acknowledge teachers’ contribution in nurturing future elites, Kaohsiung City follows ancient practice in its conduction of the Confucius Memorial Ceremony on September 28th every year - Confucius Memorial Day also the Teacher’s Day in Taiwan. The ritual is run in accordance with the 32 ritual steps in the ancient practice and all of the ritual facilitators, musicians, singers and Yi dancers would all wear Ming Dynasty-style costumes in this grand and solemn ceremony. The Shih Dian Ceremony would include a performance of Eight Row Dance with 64 Yi dancers, who are accompanied by the echoing music from bells and drums, creating the most majestic event.

Kaohsiung Zuoying Confucius Temple plan layout

Opening Hours:

Tuesday ~ Sunday: 9:00-17:00 (Closed on Mondays)
Address: No.400, Liantan Rd., Zuoying Dist., Kaohsiung City
Tel: +886-7-588-0023
Fax: +886-7-581-1915

Transportation Information:

1. Public Transportation: Zuoying Station – Take Kaohsiung MRT Red Line. Take Taiwan Railway or High Speed Rail and transfer via Bus 51, 301 or walk for 20 minutes.
2. By Car: Zhongshan Expressway (National Highway No.1)→Merge onto National Highway No.10 at Dingjin System Interchange (towards the direction of Zuoying)→Kaohsiung Metropolitan Expressway: Connected with National Highway No.10→Get off the Metropolitan Expressway from Cueihua Rd.→Exit and turn right to Cueihua Rd. →Turn left to Mingtan Rd. →Turn left to Liantan Rd.